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Weight Management

If you're trying to lose weight as well as following a restricted diet, it can be tricky to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need.

Konjac Fibre has a popular following across the world and is recommended by leading nutritionist Patrick Holford; Phase 2® is newer, but is just as popular with slimmers everywhere.


Konjac Fibre 500mg
Code: 6098

70 Vcaps of 500mg Vegan Konjac Fibre, which naturally contains glucomannan, to help you manage your weight control efforts by creating a feeling of fullness and promoting proper digestion.

Our price: £8.45 (€9.30)
including VAT (20%) £1.41
Spirulina 500mg
Code: 6122

90 Vtabs of 500mg Vegan Spirulina, to provide a great range of nutrients including amino acids. Of particular interest to athletes and people following a low carbohydrate diet.

Our price: £7.45 (€8.20)
including VAT (20%) £1.24
Chromium 200mcg
Code: 6237

60 Vtabs of 200µg Vegan Chromium, to produce Glucose Tolerance Factor to help balance out blood sugar levels. Popular with those on a low-GL / GI diet.

Our price: £4.95 (€5.45)
including VAT (20%) £0.83
Lecithin 550mg
Code: 6274

60 Vcaps of 550mg Vegan Lecithin, which naturally contains choline and inositol, to maintain a healthy liver, fat metabolism and brain function.

Our price: £4.25 (€4.68)
including VAT (20%) £0.71
Kelp 300mg
Code: 6287

120 Vtabs of 300mg Vegan Kelp, which naturally provides Iodine, to help maintain normal metabolism and healthy radiant skin.

Our price: £2.95 (€3.25)
including VAT (20%) £0.49
L-Methionine 500mg
Code: 6292

30 Vtabs of 500mg Vegan L-Methionine, to help promote the body's metabolism, protein production, and so tissue growth and repair, including muscles and maintain a healthy liver!

Our price: £6.45 (€7.10)
including VAT (20%) £1.08
Inulin Powder (FOS - Fructooligosaccharides)
Code: 6508

200 Vgrams of pre-biotic Inulin Powder, to naturally promote the growth and health of the gut's beneficial bacteria.

Our price: £10.95 (€12.06)
including VAT (20%) £1.83
Phase 2 500mg
Code: 6519

60 Vtabs of 500mg Vegan Phase 2®, to help weight control efforts by reducing the carbohydrates available to the body.

Our price: £12.95 (€14.26)
including VAT (20%) £2.16
Xtra Slim
Code: 6639

60 Vcaps of this slimming combination of Vegan Xtra Slim, combining Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Guarana, Carnitine, Tyrosine, Acai Berry, Amino Acids, Black Pepper and Ginger. All known to have a thermogenic action on the body, thus allowing proper weight management. Reduce feelings of hunger and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Our price: £15.95 (€17.56)
including VAT (20%) £2.66
Raspberry Ketones Plus
Code: 6651

60 Vcaps of Raspberry Ketones combined with Açaí Berry Extract, Green Tea Extract, Guaraná and Black Pepper to improve weight loss success.

Our price: £12.95 (€14.26)
including VAT (20%) £2.16
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