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Women's Health

Women's Health

Whatever your age, there's a Veganicity Women's Health product for you. Whether in tincture or tablet or capsule form, we've got some of the most popular women's health products for you - and they're all 100% vegan!

Evening Primrose Oil and Red Clover have traditionally been used by 1000's of women the world over and both are firm Veganicity favourites, whilst Sage is also gaining a strong following along with Hyaluronic Acid for its anti-ageing properties and Pregnancy Essentials, for that special time in life.

Why not combine any of these great products with our Vegan Multi Vitamin & Mineral for maximum benefit?

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  • Kelp 300mg

    120 Vtabs of 300mg Vegan Kelp, which naturally provides Iodine (240µg), to contribute to normal thyroid function, through the production of thyroid hormones.

    Iodine also maintains normal cognitive function, a normal energy-yielding metabolism, the proper functioning of the nervous system and the maintenance of normal skin health.

      120 Vtabs

    • £3.75
  • Red Clover

    30 Vtabs of this Extract of Vegan Red Clover, with 8% Isoflavones (40mg), to help you cope with modern life and maintain proper bone density. Phytoestrogens, commonly used by women with a long history of both culinary and traditional medicinal uses.

      30 Vtabs

    • £9.75
  • Red Clover Tincture

    50ml of Vegan Plant Tincture Red Clover, providing natural Isoflavones to maintain your body's general health and well-being and help maintain proper bone density.


    • £6.95
  • Folic Acid 400µg

    90 Vtabs of 400µg of Vegan Folic Acid, to help synthesise RNA & DNA and maintain cardiovascular health. Contributing to normal function of the immune system, blood formation and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

    Highly recommended for all pregnant women by the Governments Chief Medical Officer!

      90 Vtabs

    • £3.95
  • Sage 400mg

    60 Vtabs of 400mg of Vegan Sage, to aid proper digestion, gum health and maintain a healthy nervous system.

      60 Vtabs

    • £6.95
  • Sage Tincture

    50ml of Vegan Plant Tincture Sage, to help maintain your body's general health and well-being and aid proper digestion.


    • £7.45
  • Chelated Iron 24mg

    90 Vtabs of 24mg Vegan Iron in chelated form, to maintain red blood cell formation and haemoglobin production, contributing to normal oxygen tranportation and therefore the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Iron helps maintain general good health by contributing to the normal function of the immune system and promotes normal cognitive function.

      90 Vtabs

    • £6.95
  • 5-HTP Complex

    30 Vtabs of 100mg of Vegan 5-HTP combined with B vitamins and essential minerals, to help maintain mood and promote healthy sleep patterns, whilst controlling food cravings brought on by anxiety, having a positive effect on all-round health.

      30 Vtabs

    • £12.95
  • DiabetACE

    30 Vtabs of this Comprehensive Vegan Multi Nutrient combination, providing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for maintaining balanced blood sugar levels and suitable for all diabetics.

    This unique combination contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism and a reduction in tiredness & fatigue, as well as normal cognitive function.

      30 Vtabs

    • £9.95
  • Hyaluronic Acid 100mg

    30 Vtabs of 100mg Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, to help produce synovial fluid and connective tissue to improve joint health by lubricating and cushioning joints, as well as softening the skin to produce a lasting anti-ageing effect! Combined with vitamin C for added benefit!

      30 Vtabs

    • £14.45
  • Evening Primrose Oil 500mg

    90 Vcaps of 500mg Vegan Evening Primrose Oil, Cold pressed to ensure none of the valuable components of the oil are destroyed and high in GLA (10%), to help regulate many body functions including hormones, blood pressure, healthy skin and the reproductive cycle.

      90 Vcaps

    • £9.95
  • Red Yeast Rice Extra

    60 Vcaps of this healthy cholesterol maintaining Vegan Red Yeast Rice Extra, combining Red Yeast Rice (Monacolin K), Psyllium Seed Husk Fibre, Vitamin E, Co Enzyme Q10 and Vitamin B3. All known to help maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels and aid in the fight against heart disease!

      60 Vcaps

    • £14.95
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