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Marketing Policy

This page should be considered as additional information, to go alongside our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions

By ticking to sign up to receive marketing from us, you are consenting to receive communications about special offers and discounts, products, news, services, etc that we feel you may find of interest.

These communications may come in the form of emails and / or direct mail. They will not come in the form of SMS or text messages, telephone calls or any other means.

In line with our Privacy Policy, we do not use the data you share with us for any purposes other than completing your order and - if you opt-in - sending you marketing communications. We do not share your data with third-parties (except for our delivery partners) and we never sell your data.

You can opt-out of receiving marketing communications at any time by clicking "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of any emails you receive from us, by calling us on 01323 388150 or by updating your subscription status from within your website account.

Even if you do not opt-in to receive marketing communications from us, you will still receive communications that are directly relevant to your order, eg when your order is shipped, or if there is something we need to check with you before we can complete the order.