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5-HTP Complex

5-HTP Complex - 100mg 5-HTP with Co-Factors B3, B6, Magnesium and Zinc

5-Hydroxy Tryptophan (HTP) is a natural precursor to seratonin the neurotransmitter that helps maintain a healthy, calm mood and sleep pattern, as well as control food cravings especially brought on by anxiety as part of a weight management philosophy.

Veganicity's 5-HTP Complex is high strength and combines 100mg of 5-HTP with B vitamins and the minerals Magnesium and Zinc. All known to help induce a calming effect and help maintain healthy sleep patterns.

Vegan & Vegetarian Sugar Free Gluten Free Yeast Free Wheat Free Lactose Free

Code 6431
Weight 50.00 g
Directions 1-2 Vtabs daily
Pot Size 30 Vtabs
EAN 5060025264318
Price: £12.95 (14.26) including VAT (20%) £2.16

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