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A complete list of all the Veganicity products, which you can sort by any of the methods shown below (i.e. price, code or alphabet!):


Guarana 750mg
Code: 6594

60 Vtabs of 750mg Vegan Guarana, naturally containing caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, to maintain constant energy levels and help mental alertness.

Our price: £7.95 (€9.00)
including VAT (20%) £1.33
Hemp Protein Powder (50%)
Code: 6664

250 Vgrams of 50% natural and unflavoured Hemp Protein, to provide a natural protein, for tissue growth and repair, muscle building and weight control and a natural source of Omega fatty acids.

Our price: £9.95 (€11.27)
including VAT (20%) £1.66
Hyaluronic Acid 100mg
Code: 6642

30 Vtabs of 100mg Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, to help produce synovial fluid and connective tissue to improve joint health by lubricating and cushioning joints, as well as softening the skin to produce a lasting anti-ageing effect!

Our price: £14.45 (€16.36)
including VAT (20%) £2.41
Inulin Powder (FOS - Fructooligosaccharides)
Code: 6508

200 Vgrams of pre-biotic Inulin Powder, to naturally promote the growth and health of the gut's beneficial bacteria.

Our price: £10.95 (€12.40)
including VAT (20%) £1.83
Joint Essentials
Code: 6663

60 Vtabs of this Vegan Joint Essentials, to maintain joint health, mobility and flexibility.

Our price: £14.95 (€16.93)
including VAT (20%) £2.49
Kelp 300mg
Code: 6287

120 Vtabs of 300mg Vegan Kelp, which naturally provides Iodine, to help maintain normal metabolism and healthy radiant skin.

Our price: £2.95 (€3.34)
including VAT (20%) £0.49
Konjac Fibre 500mg
Code: 6098

70 Vcaps of 500mg Vegan Konjac Fibre, which naturally contains glucomannan, to help you manage your weight control efforts by creating a feeling of fullness and promoting proper digestion.

Our price: £8.45 (€9.57)
including VAT (20%) £1.41
Korean Ginseng 600mg
Code: 6134

30 Vtabs of 600mg Vegan Korean Ginseng, naturally containing ginsenosides, to normalise the body, maintain a healthy immune system and keep stamina levels.

Our price: £5.95 (€6.74)
including VAT (20%) £0.99
L-Arginine 400mg
Code: 6293

30 Vtabs of 400mg Vegan L-Arginine, to help maintain a healthy immune system, promote wound healing and maximise oxygenation!

Our price: £4.45 (€5.04)
including VAT (20%) £0.74
L-Glutamine 500mg
Code: 6442

30 Vtabs of 500mg Vegan L-Glutamine, to help promote proper digestion, maintain energy and improve tissue growth and repair, including muscles!

Our price: £5.45 (€6.17)
including VAT (20%) £0.91