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Heart Health

Your heart is the most important organ you've got; keeping it ticking along nicely should be high on your list of health priorities.

Make sure you get enough exercise, eat healthily (avoid too much trans fat, etc.) and top it all up with one of Veganicity's Heart Health supplements, like B12 - or TMG Extra - to help control homocysteine levels.


Premier Garlic
Code: 6041

60 Vcaps of 2,000g Allicin Vegan Premier Garlic, to maintain healthy digestion and all-round general well-being.

Our price: £7.45 (€8.20)
including VAT (20%) £1.24
Red Yeast Rice Extra
Code: 6649

60 Vcaps of this healthy cholesterol maintaining Vegan Red Yeast Rice Extra, combining Red Yeast Rice (Monacolin K), Psyllium Seed Husk Fibre, Vitamin E, Co Enzyme Q10 and Vitamin B3. All known to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and aid in the fight against heart disease!

Our price: £14.95 (€16.46)
including VAT (20%) £2.49
TMG Extra
Code: 6509

60 Vtabs of this High Power Vegan TMG Extra, to help maintain proper heart health by keeping homocysteine levels normal.

Our price: £8.95 (€9.85)
including VAT (20%) £1.49
Whole Grape
Code: 6183

30 Vtabs of this 100mg Vegan Whole Grape 10:1 Extract, with added Resveratrol, to help maintain normal cholesterol.

Our price: £9.95 (€10.96)
including VAT (20%) £1.66
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