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  • Mushroom Complex

    60 Vtabs of this High Power Vegan Mushroom Complex, a synergistic blend of four mushrooms, to help maintain immune system function, prostate health and healthy cholesterol levels.

      60 Vtabs

    • £15.95
  • Selenium 200µg

    60 Vtabs of 200µg Vegan Selenium, to prevent free radical damage by contributing to the normal function of the immune system, normalising blood pressure and maintaining normal metabolism.

      60 Vtabs

    • £6.95
  • Tasty C 500mg

    30 Chewable Vtabs of 500mg Vegan Vitamin C, to support the immune system, help form collagen, detoxify, reduce tiredness and fatigue and improve general well-being.

      30 Chewable Vtabs

    • £3.45
  • Elderberry Tincture

    50ml of Vegan Plant Tincture Elderberry, to maintain immunity, provide vitamin C and help maintain over 300 body processes.

    Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation, normal energy-yielding metabolism giving a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. Maintains the normal functioning of the nervous system and the immune system, by supporting the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


    • £6.95
  • Zinc 10mg

    90 Vtabs of this 10mg Vegan Zinc Citrate, to protect cells, maintain the immune system, help protect bones, teeth, nails, hair and skin. It also contributes to normal cognitive function and the health of normal vision.

      90 Vtabs

    • £5.45
  • Multi Vitamin & Mineral

    60 Vtabs of this comprehensive Vegan Multi Vitamin & Mineral, providing 27 essential vitamins and minerals for maintaining a healthy immune system, supporting energy levels all day long and maintaining general health, in a vegan format.

      60 Vtabs

    • £8.75
  • Brewers Yeast 300mg

    200 Vtabs of 300mg Vegan Brewers Yeast, to provide a natural source of B vitamins, together with some key minerals and amino acids, keeping you naturally energised all day long.

    Also playing a part in maintaining digestion and the nervous system health, B vitamins also normalise psychological function, helping in times or stress and anxiety.

      200 Vtabs

    • £3.45
  • Cinnamon 500mg

    30 Vcaps of 500mg Vegan Cinnamon, which naturally contains Terpenoids, to help balance blood sugar levels and help maintain circulation and general health.

      30 Vcaps

    • £5.45
  • Kelp 300mg

    120 Vtabs of 300mg Vegan Kelp, which naturally provides Iodine (240µg), to contribute to normal thyroid function, through the production of thyroid hormones.

    Iodine also maintains normal cognitive function, a normal energy-yielding metabolism, the proper functioning of the nervous system and the maintenance of normal skin health.

      120 Vtabs

    • £3.75
  • Veganicity Catalogue (Printed version)

    A full-colour, 40 page catalogue showcasing the entire Veganicity range. Published in 2018.

    • £0.00
  • Glucosamine HCL 750mg

    30 Vtabs of 750mg Vegan Glucosamine Hydrochloride, to help maintain joint health as well as digestive and respiratory health.

      30 Vtabs

    • £6.45
  • Glucosamine HCL 1500mg

    30 Vtabs of 1500mg High Strength Vegan Glucosamine Hydrochloride, to help maintain joint health as well as digestive and respiratory health.

      30 Vtabs

    • £7.95
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