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Eye Health

According to an ancient proverb, "the eyes are the window to the soul". With a responsibility like that resting on them, shouldn't you make sure that yours are in 100% tip-top condition?

Eyebright lives up to its name, helping to keep your eyes functioning at their best, whilst beta carotene supplies vitamin A - which as we all know comes from carrots and when did you ever see Bugs Bunny wearing glasses?


Beta Carotene 15mg
Code: 6450

30 Vcaps of 15mg Vegan Beta Carotene, to protect the body against free radical damage and help maintain a healthy immune system.

Our price: £5.95 (€6.90)
including VAT (20%) £0.99
Bilberry Tincture
Code: 6404

50ml of Vegan Plant Tincture Bilberry, to maintain your body's general health and eye well-being.

Our price: £6.95 (€8.05)
including VAT (20%) £1.16
Bilberry with Eyebright
Code: 6430

30 Vtabs of this Vegan combination of Bilberry Extract and Powder to help maintain general eye health, with added Eyebright.

Our price: £8.45 (€9.79)
including VAT (20%) £1.41
Evening Primrose Oil 500mg
Code: 6448

90 Vcaps of 500mg Vegan Evening Primrose Oil, to help regulate many body functions including hormones, blood pressure, healthy skin and the reproductive cycle.

Our price: £8.95 (€10.37)
including VAT (20%) £1.49
Omega-3 DHA 200mg
Code: 6671

60 Vcaps of 500mg Vegan Algal Omega-3 Oil, to help maintain normal brain function, vision, heart health and and blood pressure.

[Due to a worldwide shortage of material, we're currently unable to supply our popular Omega-3 DHA:EPA product. We're offering Omega-3 DHA 200mg as an ideal alternative.]

Our price: £16.95 (€19.64)
including VAT (20%) £2.83
Code: 6591

30 Vtabs of this Combination of Vegan Optim-Eyes, containing Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Bilberry and Lycopene to help maintain proper eye health.

Our price: £11.95 (€13.85)
including VAT (20%) £1.99